Products and Services


In addition to our regular weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, our database can be accessed by subscribers and non-subscribers for a variety of other standard and custom reports. Some of our other reports include:


Builder ListsSample Builder List  


Each year we compile lists of the contractors who have built projects during the past year. This year, we have again have two standard lists available. Our Home Builder List contains each builder who built a home in and includes the builder's address, phone, contact person, number of homes built, total dollar volume, and average cost per new home for each builder. Our General Contractor List contains the home builders as well as all other contractors we reported in 2001. In addition to the names and addresses etc. that we provide on the home builder list, it also includes a breakdown of the volume of construction by type for each builder (ie. new residercial, and other commercial).

Custom Lists 


If you are in need of a more precise list of builders, homeowners, housing starts or any other item we track, we can probably create it for you. For example, we could provide a list of the new homes built in Falmouth or any other specific town(s); or builders who built new homes or are based in a specific town or towns; owners and/or builders of houses in a certain price range, or any other combination. In addition, if your needs include statistics on building projects, we can provide specific data for banks or internal market studies. Prices vary based on the number of names and the intricacies of the report.

Subscribing to the Weekly ReportsSample Weekly List  


Our weekly reports are available for eight separate territories. You may mix and match any combination of areas; rates are based on the quantity of areas subscribed. We also offer a separate weekly subscriptions plan for those who just wish to have notice of commercial projects, and a separate Summary Subscription for those who only wish to receive summary reports.